Sunday, August 21, 2011


A Lot of people seem to be wondering what happened to Projekt H (Even though i posted it was on hiatus)

Here's an explanation: It's on hiatus.

Long one: It's on hiatus with tech problems.

Allow me to explain, using one of the bosses attacks.

Boss 3 (Level 3 boss) has an attack ("Implosion field") which traps the player in a shape (Square, circle, or triangle, depending on difficulty) before a series of shots come from the sides, after which, the shape turns into a set of bullets and collapses, forcing the player to move before another spawns (The shape is a solid instant-kill until morphed)

However, this pattern causes an amazing amount of lag at higher difficulties, due to the number of bullets and loops required to get the patterns to work, which my current setup isn't supporting well, this caused me to be faced with a choice:

Either A. Nerf the crap out of my later cards, staying around a 200 object total (Not counting player shots) or B. Re-design the engine a bit to allow me to go as high as 300-900 objects at a time (Not counting the player)

So, i chose B, this means there will be a longer delay before i can get the demo out, BUT means the finished product will be much more impressive (And as difficult as initially planned - Stock up on advil and find a good psychiatrist)


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