Saturday, August 28, 2010


Welcome to my dark, dusty corner of the internet, Don't worry though, we ARE up to code here now!

Joking aside, welcome to my blog, i decided to finally get into this after a couple years, since i'm intrested in seeing what people think of my methods for gaming design

A Bit about me and my madness: Currently, i'm working on a few retail gaming projects using a cheaply-available game design program known as "Game Maker" the unrestricted "Pro" version will run you about 25$ USD, and allows full retail game creation and sales with no restrictions (No splash screens, required logos, etc.) as well has having far more available for you to use

As far as it goes, it's actually pretty powerful, allowing both 2d and 3d game creation, features a very Basic/C++-esque coding language, called "GML" and with enough work and knowledge of it, it can be more powerful, as it's more simple

This first series of posts will take you through the day-by-day creation of a game i'm calling internally "Projekt: H" it's a top-down 2D Shooter of the "Danmaku" or "Bullet hell" Variety, the screenshots i'll post are all using placeholder graphics made completely in Game maker 8 with the sprite editor, and backgrounds made with Apophysis or, Retail will have a different name and much better graphics

Down the line, i'll eventually cover using other programs, Such as Multimedia Fusion by clickteam, Coding in things like Unrealscript (For modding games like Killing floor, or using the Unreal Development Kit) and general theory on what makes a Great game

For now however, i'll settle for the intro

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