Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 1-3 - Now it gets serious

Now, here's where the work really starts.

Day 1: Assessment and Design

Here, there be monsters

No, just kidding, here, at this point, is where the most of your actual layout work is done

For me, using game maker, the game will have a number of rooms, each room pertaining to a different section of the game, for projekt h, the rooms look like this (Name, Simple name)

rm_menu_main = The main game menu, from here, the player can start a game, Change the game options, or exit the game

rm_menu_options = The options room, here the player can turn the music on or off, the sound effects on or off, or return to the main menu (Since Projekt H is scaled for 800x600 res, changing the window size could cause graphic issues, and is disabled as such)

rm_gametype = Where the player chooses between Arcade or story mode for projekt H, has a main menu button to return

rm_difficulty = where the player chooses the difficulty level of the game

rm_player_select = Where the player chooses the ship (Character) they wish to use

rm_game_ingame = Where the actual game is played, Projekt: H uses a timeline system and global variables to imitate having multiple different levels, in reality, the entire game is played in this room, and the "Room change" is faked by using graphics that cover the screen to show a breakdown of the level, these are then deleted and the "Next level" (timeline) starts

Pressing escape in any room other than the main menu or the main game room causes you to go to the previous screen, in the main menu it has no effect, in the game window, it pauses the game and brings up a pause menu

Once you've figured out how many rooms you need, next, you need to fire up paint again, and design the layouts for your menus, button locations, etc. similar to how we previously designed the layout for the playfield of the game. I Won't lie, this is a lot of work, even before you start coding, Projekt: H alone has over 50 design sheets covering all the game menus and layouts, plus effects that keys have (Such as escape and screenshot keys)

Congratulations, if you're not beating your head off your keyboard by now, you may be cut out for a future in indie game design

(Part 2 incoming)

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